Collection: Trevor Coopersmith

Trevor Coopersmith received a Bachelor’s in Art from the University of California Santa Barbara, and was recently accepted and withdrew from a Masters in Fine Art Program from the University of London, Goldsmiths after realizing the program was not sufficient towards his goals as an artist in the midst of COVID-19.

Originally from San Diego, California, the supposed birthplace of skateboarding subculture, Trevor is interested in exploring relationships between skateboarding, the natural environment, and urban negotiations of public space. Influenced by Brutalist architecture, Trevor makes an attempt to portray re-appropriated pubic spaces in juxtaposition to mythological and imaginative spaces. 

Public space in a state of abeyance, spaces created paternalistically to preserve authoritative control. How can spectators rectify public space within complex industrial modernity?

Throughout his artistic career, Trevor has exhibited at dozens of public art affairs, private exhibitions, internationally recognized instutitions and sold to private collections across the globe.

"I envision a creative and collective future, one where an assemblage of engagement and occupancy exists." - Trevor Coopersmith